Naming Conventions

Here are the naming conventions that I've come up with for the series. This list is incomplete and will grow as I come up with more names.


The main characters live in Crossroads, California, a fictional suburb of San Fernando.

Main Characters:

Sailor Moon: Serena Campbell

Sailor Mercury: Amy Anderson

Sailor Mars: Raye Hino

Sailor Jupiter: Lita Jenkins

Sailor Venus: Mina Tanner

Sailor Uranus: Alexis "Alex" Gregory

Sailor Neptune: Michelle Bradeaux

Sailor Pluto: Trista Callahan

Sailor Saturn: Hotaru Tomoe (for now)

Tuxedo Mask: Darien Phillips

Supporting Characters:

Molly Baker

Andrew Foreman


Mostly likely, all of the villains will retain their original names.

Transformation and Attack Phrases:

All of the transformation phrases and attack phrases will retain their original names, except for the Japanese words, which will be translated into English.